3D Printing

(SLA, Stereolitography, Rapid Prototyping)
Utilizing the latest technology in rapid prototyping, we produce top quality figures, prototypes, props, casting models, with ultra high details.

Pirate gun
Ninja turtle
M60-A3 tank
Robot hand

3D Scanning, Photogrammetry

Canadian loonie
Toy soldier
Kwakwaka'wakw mask
Haida bear
Large site scan for sculpture
Lions Gate, lion

3D Modeling

3D CNC Routering

Our 3D CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router tables machine soft woods and plastics at high speed. Our tables are larger than typical CNC routers so we can accommodate oversize stock sizes.

Our routers use a three motor drive system (xyz) to drive the motors via a gantry system. The gantry system moves the top part of the machine while the stationary table holds the work piece.

For precise 3D CNC machining (ie; signage and architectural details) we utilize sturdier tables with lower gantries to produce highly accurate detail.

3D CNC Hotwiring

Our CNC hot wire table cuts polystyrene foam with a thin, taut metal wire heated to about 200°C. Heat from the wire vaporises the foam just before making contact. We vary heat and cutting speed to control results.

The wire follows a pre-set path through the foam via Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to produce profile lengths up to 8 feet long. We can also taper our cuts utilizing the independent axis option on our table.

Hand Carving

We hire the industry’s top foam carvers for projects that require a more personal touch.
Hand carving often produces a more organic quality and we try to match the artist with the client depending on the desired effect.

This process often takes a little longer than foam machining but may be a good choice for “one-off” items that do not need to be replicated many times.

Hard Coating

We can poly urea hard coat your item to make the surface durable and weather-proof.
The coating is sprayed directly onto the foam’s surface under heat and pressure and dries immediately.
We can recommend coating thickness depending on your requirements.

Painting & Finishing

Our talented painters and airbrushers can replicate anything from wood grain to chrome.
We have a large in-house spray booth that gives us the flexibility of offering many different types of paint grades.

Maquette Sculpting

"Bocca Della Verita"
original in Rom
Clay sculpting in progress
Finished and 3D scanned model